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Hello, I’m Walter and here to help.

These are dark times for those looking for extra income. If you’re a saver, or if you’ve managed to acquire a little capital, you’d like a reasonable return from it. The banks can no longer provide you with this – not with their miserable interest rates even on their most “generous” savings accounts. And there are loads of “make money from home” scams out there which turn out to be all promise and no profit.

I know this personally, because I too have tried to find a decent investment for my life’s savings and have fallen for more dubious make-money schemes than you could shake a training video at. I had all but given up hope of making an income that does more than keeping you one step away from the local food bank. Then a friend recommended Wealthy Affiliate.

But first, a little more about myself. Essentially, I come from an academic background. Although British by birth, I was raised in Belgium. There I had my education and was lucky enough to grow up in a multilingual environment. Once I finished my law studies, I was attracted to the international and European institutions, and worked for them in various capacities. I then decided to set up as a freelance translator, but that was a very lonely existence.

So I went into academia, but became increasingly disappointed with higher education in this country. This is why I have now shaken the dust of the University off my feet and am once again operating as a freelance translator. I also get some occasional work from my former employer. This enables me not only to keep the proverbial beast from the door but also to travel abroad quite often. I love travelling, especially to countries like Poland and Hungary (don’t ask).

Now if you’re quite comfortably off why are you doing this, I hear you cry. Well, there are a number of things I still want to achieve in my life that require a higher bank balance. I have quite a good voice, and joined lots of singing societies in my youth. But I let my job take me over and sadly neglected it. I want to take a year out to take go on a singing course in Italy before my voice drops yet another key. And I want to give some financial support to my local professional football club (which at present is one of those where they regularly announce the crowd changes to the team).

So I have started this journey with Wealthy Affiliate, and thus far the training and guidance I have had from this platform has been superb. There is now considerable light at the end of the tunnel, and soon I will even be able to switch on the heating. No but seriously, I have derived much benefit from it at such a modest price, and I want to share this opportunity with as many people as possible.

So – welcome to my site, see you inside, and let’s take this exciting journey together!

All gthe best


Walter Cairns


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